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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1990, model 1990: number 026407
Owner: Jakemeister from Netherlands, Friesland
Colorcode: LB7V (Graphite metallic was delivered from 1988 till 1990)
Bought on date: 29-06-2002 10.34 am

Information / Adjustments :


-Badgeless VR6 grille
-Summer wheels: 17" Lenso rims 205-40 et40
-Winter wheels: 15" ronal R15
-Rear 20 mm spacers
-front 15 mm spacers
-Group A with single round pipe exhaust
-White side-markers
-Brakes painted blue, rear brakes will be replaced with brakes from a Golf IV (allready have them)
-lupo GTI wipers
-Front light Relaix-box for better/brighter lights
-Black tail-lights, smoothed and profesionally painted by Mike-Edition
-VR6 hood
-Removed rear wiper for cleaner look
-Lowered by SPAX coils and springs, front is now -75mm and rear -70mm


-back seat was done in Ammaretta fabric, blue inside and black on the outside
-Front seats full black leather, in mint condition!
-Schroth-seat belts
-Victor steering wheel
-leather side-panels
-double digital with DDI gauges
-Audi TT-clutch gear, wich has the same fabric as my interior
-Golf Mk4 gear knob
-Oil pressure gauge (EQUUS) and turbo-pressure gauge (RACIMEX) wich light up blue
-Everything is electrical

-it got stolen.....


-RS-outlet from sls performance
-smaller pulley and custom chip, G-charger now produces 1 bar of boost
-4-2-1 spaghetti manifold
-Green Cotton air-filter
-Cat replaced
-Group A exhaust system

-Measured power: (Freddy Cane)
*Bhp on engine 142.5 KW (193,8 PK)
*Bhp on wheels 104 KW (141.4 PK)
*Torque 255 Nm

Wishlist :
Currently i put the Corrado in the garage and suspended it, need the money for mega house project, wich is almost finished and also important: my wedding to my beautifull fiance!! so in about one year i will finally have time and money for the rado! fear not! it will not be sold or something drastic like that, it will be waiting patiently for me to give it it's much needed care!!!

UPDATE: 02-02-2010
Bought a set of full black leather front seats in superb condition, first purchase in years since i put the Corrado in the garage.


UPDATE: 18-06-2011
Started working on the wheels, they needed to be polished..! after that i will begin with the break down of the Corrado and finally set the proces of rebuilding the Corrado in motion.

Totalscore: 1416, average:9.25