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G60ING G60ING from U.S.A. (Maryland) posted @ 20 November 2009 14:04:26
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If I search 1.9L TDI corrados I find that there are 3 Corrado TDIs for my profile. 2 of them have pictures and then the 3rd doesn't have a picture and can't be clicked on. I checked my profile and the corrados listed are correct. I'm not certain what has to be done but if you have time please take a look to see if it can be cleaned up.

Also the pictures seem to take a little while to download compared to the old site setup.

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M4RTiN M4RTiN from Netherlands (Friesland) posted @ 20 November 2009 17:52:11
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1993 Corrado R32
1989 Corrado 1.9 TDI

will look into it ;-)

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