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M4RTiN M4RTiN from Netherlands (Friesland) posted @ 26 March 2018 13:15:51
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1993 Corrado R32

I am going! This is the current list of visiter sofar:

Hope to meet you guys!

55 Nils Poppelreiter CCG
56 Daniel Schäfer CCG
57 Dirk Scheibner CCD
58 Lisa Siebenborn CCG
59 Moritz Krämer CCG
60 Christof Krämer kein Club
61 Andreas Mohr kein Club
64 Dirk Böcker CCG
65 Vilja Spaniol kein Club
66 Gijs Clermonts CCN
67 Rob Gorkink CCN
68 Roy Palmen CCN
69 Daniela Tchinitchian CCN
70 Niek Wolterink CCN
71 Markus Bree CCG
73 Kai Johannwerner CCG
74 Lars Schiefer CCG
75 Jennifer Michael kein Club
76 Leon Marsch kein Club
77 Melanie Michel CCD
78 Helmut Weinberg CCD
79 Bart Verreydt kein Club
80 Tim Polman kein Club
81 Mark Wolterhoff kein Club
82 Christian Ettinger kein Club
83 Christian Krepel CCG
89 Marco Reicherz CCG
91 Roland Picker CCG
92 Nico Von Landenberg CCG
93 Simone Korreng CCG
95 Roland Triesch CCG
96 Christel Triesch CCG
99 Matthias Hickert CCG
100 Marco Stania CCG
102 Enrico Schlotte kein Club
103 Sabrina Risiglione CCI
104 Giovanni Venerdi CCI
105 Katiuscia Ambrosi CCI
107 Tommaso Pierotti CCI
108 Stef van den Boogaart CCN
110 Michele Dalla Vecchia CCI
112 Mark Mark Jansen kein Club
117 Marc Höpping CFT
118 Frederike Dittmann CFT
120 Sergej Schefer CCG
123 Christoph Larbig kein Club
126 Christian Salisbury kein Club
130 Tobias Stock CCG
131 Mandy Stock CCG
132 Franco Bernasconi CCI
137 René Böhme CCD
138 Michael Koch CCN
139 Roland Koch kein Club
140 Nicole Egger CCD
143 Dariusz Murlak CCP
144 Jean-Michel Maton pas de club
146 Michael Strödick CCG
147 Sebastian Sebastian Fernandez Folgar CCGB
149 Roberto Garnerone kein Club
150 Stephan Schäfer kein Club
151 Corinna Scheibner CCG
153 Martin Ter harkel kein Club
154 Bennie Vrieling kein Club
54 Julian Rickert CCG
84 Sonja Meierkord CCN
86 Roman Walencki CCN
88 Kevin Weber kein Club
97 Sven Kupfer CCSH
106 Christian Ensenberger CCG
109 Giedrius Tunkulas OCC
114 René Bauer CFT
116 Milosz Popiolek CCP
119 Krzysztof Krzysztof Domagalski CCP
122 Valcanover Corrado CCI
125 Andreas Wirth CCD
128 Dennis Wolf CCG
129 Ingo Bartmann kein Club
134 Patrick Gies kein Club
135 Sarah Schnabel kein Club
136 Sascha Jung kein Club
142 Jaros?aw Furman CCP
152 Lukasz Zadecki CCP
155 Tanja Kemp kein Club
156 Jürgen Haber OCC
157 Nadine Haber OCC
158 Martin van der Bij kein Club
160 Alina Domagalska kein Club
161 Pawel Domagalski CCP
162 Robert Ribba OCC
164 Andrea Poy CCI
165 Daniel Vogel kein Club
166 Daniel Weber CCSH
167 Sabrina Brodersen kein Club
169 Roberto Fernandez mateo CCE
170 Jose Prado Figueiras CCE
171 Peter Larscheid CCG
172 David Bango Abel CCE

About the meeting:

The meeting will take place from 22nd to 24th June in Dorsel, on the lawn of camping Stahlhütte.

The costs will be 65€ for the whole weekend or 50€ for a single day incl. one overnight stay and breakfast.

Included in the package price are:

welcome gift
Access with the Corrado to the fairground
Depending on the package booking, the camping fee for one or two overnight stays in a specially brought tent and a rich breakfast buffet on Saturday and Sunday morning.
start number for the vehicle classification (only Volkswagen Corrado)
Club games
Soft drinks are included in the package price (like Table water, CocaCola & Fanta)
Musical entertainment is also provided.

Day guests are welcome. They do not need to register in advance and pay a fee of 15€. Day visitors who arrive on Saturday before 11am. Can take part in club games and vehicle evaluation with cup awarding. Soft drinks are also free for day visitors. Since the daily visitors will be on the same area as the weekend visitors, it has to be said in advance that the parking spaces are also limited by space constraints.

Large party tents will be put up on the fairground, so that even in bad weather conditions a dry place is provided.

Since the space is limited and we want to offer as many Corrado riders as possible the possibility to participate, it is forbidden to bring and set up your own pavilions or club tents.

A barbecue area is provided in which each participant can prepare his or her own food on the barbecue. A large grill and limited charcoal will be available free of charge. You can also bring your own barbeque grill. There will also be a food truck at the barbeque area on Friday and Saturday evening and Sunday noon, which will prepare a delicious Texas BBQ consisting of various snacks at a fair price. The menu will be announced at a later date.

In addition to the free soft drinks, freshly tapped beer will be served at the beer pavilion, which will be sold against tokens on site for the price of 1€.

If you are interested in an overnight stay in a hotel room or a caravan park, please contact us via the contact form. First of all, these possibilities are also limited!

Who would like to drive over the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife has the possibility to do this on the concerned Saturday from 18.00 to 19.00 hours and Sunday from 08.00 to 19.00 hours.

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