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Corrado 2.9 VR6

Manufacture Date: 1995, model 1995: number 003827
Owner: gurby from Netherlands, Utrecht
Colorcode: LC6U (Classic green pearl effect was delivered from 1992 till 1995)
Bought on date: 28-09-2011

Information / Adjustments :
This is my very special full options 100% original '95-er Corrado VR6 S-Modell. It has all of the following:
- 2 Airbags
- Beige Connolly Leather interior with heated seats
- Airco
- Cruisecontrol
- Radio Gamma 4 with CD Changer and Cassetteholder
- Headlight washers
- Sunroof
- Alarm system
- Brands hatch wheels
- Heated windscreen spraiers
- 100% VW dealer maintained
- 100% original

There is only no oil/voltage pressure gauge available, but this was not possible as the car already has the cassetteholder as option :-)

The car has been firstly owned by family Karmann, all papers are included to prove this. First, the car has been used by Karmann GmbH in Osnabruck. S. Karmann who lived in NL, imported this car to here in 2003 and then used it until 2008, then she gave it to the owner of a VW garage when buying a new VW Polo.
I bought it from the VW Garage owner 28-Sep-2011.

Given the fact that the last produced Corrado has chassisnumber ending with 4044, my C here (3827) is one of the latest produced Corrados.

It has ran only 130.825kms and is in a very good condition. The car is cleaned and in wintersleep right now. New and better pictures will follow somewhere next year.

Started the car this evening (3.4.2012) after 6 months wintersleep... no issues at all. Starting and running :-)

Car has been serviced at VW dealer and ready for drive.

Wishlist :
Absolutely nothing :-)

Just continuing the 100% VW dealer maintenance, enjoy the car and keep it as it is :-)

Totalscore: 290, average:10