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Corrado 2.8 VR6 SLC

Manufacture Date: 1993, model 1993: number 005385
Owner: Tango Down from U.S.A., New York
Colorcode: LC6V (Green pearl effect was delivered from 1988 till 1993)
Bought on date: June 2005

Information / Adjustments :
This car in undergone a full on restoration. I have 2 12v VR6 engines the origianl, which will stay that way, and a the sapre which will be bumped up to a 2.9L storm spec engine with about 210wHP and 215TQ. These cars are getting harder and harder to find people, so if you have one keep it prestene, if you hav to sell it, sell it to someone whose going to love it, and car for it proper.

Wishlist :
No wish list, other than to have this done by my birthday December 2012..... yeah ok.....