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Corrado 2.9 VR6

Manufacture Date: 1995, model 1995: number 000560
Owner: RobbieG VR6 from Netherlands, Zuid-Holland
Colorcode: LC6U (Classic green pearl effect was delivered from 1992 till 1995)
Bought on date: July 5 2011

Information / Adjustments :
I bought this car earlier this year (2011) as I felt a piece of me was missing, after having sold my previous VR6 :-)

It's an original Dutch registration, so no import. Since the car was extremely expensive back in the day (nearly 100.000 dutch guilders) in the NL, options on most original Dutch cars are limited in comparison to for example German originals.

The options on this car are
- airco, which works perfectly.
- volt and oil pressure gauge.

Since this is a Dutch Corrado, the spoiler rears itself at 80kmh, whereas the German cars lift off at 120kmh. I'm pretty sure this has it's origin in the fact, that the speed limit in the NL up until this year was limited to 120kmh on the highway. Now there's a limited number of stretches where the speed limit has been raised to 130kmh.

- fixed the left (normal) airco push knob.
- bought a second set Speedlines w/ wintertires and am looking to possibly trade them for a set of Brands Hatch wheels.
- Replaced wipers front and rear w/ original Bosch blades.

Wishlist :
- Overall body work and respray to remove small scratches, dents and nicks.
- Replace windscreen which has a small crack in the upper left corner.
- Replace cracked fog lights left and right.
- Refit original orange side repeaters in stead of the clear ones.
- Replace damaged center dash insert (probably got damaged during removal by previous owner).
- Replace worn exterior mirror glass driver's side. (already have the glass, but am a bit hesitant to replace it, since I don't want to break anything ;-)).
- Replace worn roof trim.
- Replace worn antenna base gasket.
- Fit an original Gamma radio / cassette player / cd changer head unit.

Totalscore: 120, average:10