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Corrado 1.8 G60

Manufacture Date: 1990, model 1990: number 012954
Owner: Rosten from Finland, Uusimaa
Colorcode: LK1B (Nugget yellow was delivered from 1988 till 1991)
Bought on date: 01.08.2010

Information / Adjustments :
Nice little corrado from the north. Low km's, clean and original interior, no rust but some douchenozzle has left some dings and dents to it.

-Air con
-2-way Power sunroof
-Red dot interior
-Power windows
-Cruise control
-Tilt steering wheel

Heres a little story about the car and how i got it:

Back in the 90's, the car was purchased from the Speedway (former Vw, Subaru and Mazda dealer. Nowadays only Subaru) at Indianapolis, Indiana.

The original owner who was a Swedish family living in the U.S, ordered the car with a km/h speedo because they knew that they were going to take the car back to sweden with them some day.

In 2002, the corrado arrived in Stockholm Sweden. If i have understood it right, the original owner sold the car to his son in 2004-2005.

2009 the original owners son sold the car to a Finnish guy who lived in Sweden who almost immediatly moved back to Finland and took the car with him. He registered and serviced the car, and didn't really use it.

I first saw the car in 2009 and i loved it, but i was underaged and didn't have any money at the moment. Summer 2010 the car came back to sale, and i had the money so i went and bought it.

Best part of this is the mileage: 76500km or 47500ml. I have manymany documents that proves its the right mileage. I even have the original buying receipt, all the registration and insurance papers in the U.S, Sweden and Finland. I basicly have all the documents you could ever wish to have.

Im trying to keep it in the same or even in a better condition it was, because its quite rare car here in Finland. And if im right, its the only nugget yellow in here.

So i went and bought a D2 street coilovers and corvette wheels, which are under polishing atm. Pretty simple things, but last year i didn't drove it at all but this past summer I've been driving it like hell. Everyday to work and even went to a watercooled vweekend, which is a fvwa's (finnish volkswagen association) event and my corrado won "The best scirocco/corrado" prize. I'll add some more pics of the wheels when they are ready.


Corrado was pretty much hardparked the hole year. Didn't have money to drive on maintain it at all.


Okay, so im currently redoing all brake stuff, wheel bearings, all the bushings and joints. Also got new hubs, which i will convert to 5x100 pattern so i can run a larger scale of rims. Mostly just trying to take good care of it and of course drive it as much as i can. Feeling quite sorry for her (yes yes i kmow) because i have left it sitting for so long.

And for the autumn and winter, im planning some bodywork and respray with the original color+clearcoat for the über shine.

Wishlist :
-Coilovers (Done)
-Wheels (Done)
-Little tune under the hood
-Trying to keep it in a good condition overall.

Totalscore: 19, average:9.5