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Corrado G60 Kompressor

Manufacture Date: 1990, model 1990: number 001246
Owner: insyderz808 from U.S.A., Colorado
Colorcode: LY3D (tornado red was delivered from 1988 till 1991)
Bought on date: 05-20-2007

Information / Adjustments :
-Fully rebuilt stage 4 g-ladder from Kompressor Kanada.
-Lightened flywheel (11lbs).
-TT w/ Borla 2.25 cat back.
-EuroSport chrome boost tubes.
-Euro Seatbelts.
-Aktiv Stereo Delete.
-17x7.5 basket weave rims.
-custom 2 tone paint job, Black magic on top, with Sanoma Sunset red on bottom, seperated by a dual pinstrip satain silver.
-lowered suspension on Manroe gas struts.
-polished OEM sebring wheels for winter use.
-B3 Passat Glass sunroof.
-90mm Euro Lip.

Wishlist :
-Full engine rebuild.
-Adjustable coil overs.
-Shaved rear bumper.
-Clear turns.
-second complete respray to fix the mistakes in first.
-Either spacers, or wider rims.
-Rolled fenders, maybe pulled some.
-possible light tinting.
-tuck wires in engin bay.
-fix all the bad wires.