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Corrado 2.9 VR6

Manufacture Date: 1995, model 1995: number 001370
Owner: RobbieG VR6 from Netherlands, Zuid-Holland
Colorcode: LC5M (Moonlight blue pearl effect was delivered from 1992 till 1995)
Bought on date: jan.2001

Information / Adjustments :
*** sold the car on May 11th 2009 ***

Just for the record, I've entered the VIN, which I still had in my archive on the original german Fahrzeugbrief.

They guy who bought it was just interested in the light grey leather electric Recaro interior and sold the car quite soon after. The latest I know is that it was exported to Belgium. So this means, the car by now has three nationalities. :-)

Would be nice to find out who owns it now.

- Cylinder head and distribution chain overhaul
- Chip
- Grey Leather electric Recaro int.
- Koni performance suspension
- Black In.Pro taillights
- Clearglass on black base led side repeaters
- Swapped the rear light / brake light bulbs for LED's (not really happy w/ the result, poor illumination - ordered a different pair)
- Swapped the original running lights in the headlight units for LED bulbs
- Swapped the turnsignal rear bulbs for LED's

Wishlist :
How about a Kompressor?

Totalscore: 416, average:9.67