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Thecorrado Thecorrado from Belgium (Luik) posted @ 9 July 2007 21:03:42
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1994 Corrado 2.9 VR6

Corrado 2.9l vr6 12/1993

- 183 000 km
- Electrical windows, airco, ABS, ...
- new painting LC5U, clean rear bumper, clean tailboard, clean roof, Mattig grille, Lupo GTI windscreen wiper, M5 rearview mirror, Audi handle, DSP sideskirts, no rear wiper, In-Pro rear light, ......
- A lot of new pieces (brake, inside radiator, headlight, fog lamp, motor pieces, windscreen, interior pieces, ....

wheels and tires are out of service ...

This corrado was'nt made for sale but I move abroad and it's not possible to keep it....
A lot of things are new.

See what's possible :
(Top30 on corrado database )

Price : 8000

more info :

Belgium - 30km of Aachen in Germany

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